dsr055 : Menace Beach - Dream Out

Menace Beach

Dream Out

dsr055 Tape SOLD OUT!


1 – Dream Out

2 – Teenage Jesus

3 – Wake Up

4 – Burn Out

Limited to 100 copies, only 50 are available on desire boutique. Pro-dubbed jelly red cassette and hand-screened printed booklet.

Written over a Summer of endless bleary-eyed bouts of insomnia, the songs on Menace Beach’s debut EP capture the zero attention span and spontaneous, weird-out nature of a mind totally zoned-in to a fuzz pedal and a cassette recorder in the dead of night. Dream Out was recorded proper in another PM-AM session, this time with Leeds svengali Matt Johnson at his Suburban Home studio (Hookworms, Eagulls, Spectrals) and no little help from a bunch of friends (Matt You Animals and Nestor Sky Larkin). The resulting record is a kaleidoscopic vision of fuzzed out, dischordant pop akin to Built To Spill, Pixies, Dinosaur Jr, The Dandy Warhols and Sebadoh.


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